Kabwata Baptist Church is situated in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, which is the country immediately north of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Kabwata Baptist Church was constituted as an independent local church in 1986, after five years of church planting by members of Lusaka Baptist Church. Our own first involvement in missions occurred in 1993 when Central Baptist Church in Choma asked us to provide them with oversight after the resignation of their only elder, the pastor. After a lot of soul-searching we finally accepted this responsibility, despite the fact that at that time we only had two elders (including the pastor) and did not even have a church building. 
At Kabwata Baptist Church our vision is to plant biblical churches in all provincial capital towns of Zambian where biblical churches are lacking or are too few. Similarly we pray that, by God’s grace, we plant biblical churches in all capital cities of the African continent where there is a lack of such churches. Below are images of church plants.